Occupational Therapy & Speech Pathology
Empower, equip and facilitate children to reach their potential.
Appointments are available at our clinic, and within the community, school, and home environments as required.
Cocoon Paediatrics
Let our Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists help your child find their wings.

Who we are

At Cocoon Paediatrics it is our mission to empower, equip and facilitate children and their caregivers to reach their potential and participate fully in life.

With the right plans in place, we can assist children, their families and their support networks, to achieve the goals that are important in their lives.

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What we do

We are able to provide formal and informal assessments, goal directed therapy sessions, both individual and group based interventions, parent and educator training, and provide home programs and written reports.

Referrals are accepted directly from clients and families, Paediatrician, GP, other health providers and schools.

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Cocoon News

Summer Holiday Fundays
Nov 22, 2021

Nip school holiday boredom in the bud, enrol your child in one of our exciting, creative funday sessions! For children aged 8-13 years.

Caterpillars Summer Holiday Program January 2022
Nov 22, 2021

This 3 session program will support your child in kindergarten or prep to flourish at school!

Flexible Me Summer Holiday program January 2022
Nov 22, 2021

This 3 session holiday program will support your child to develop valuable self-regulation skills in a fun, therapeutic environment. This program is designed for children aged 7+.