Foundational Skills Needed for Handwriting Mechanics

February 22, 2019

This is a nice summary of some of the areas that our OT’s assess when a child has difficulties with handwriting.

  • Sensory processing - the way our body takes in, organises, interprets and responds to the sensory information in our environment.
  • Visual perception and ocular control - the way we use our eyes and how our brain interprets what we see.
  • Proximal control and proximal stability - related to posture, core strength and control.
  • Foundational fine motor skills - the musculature of the hands, fingers/hand/wrist/arm movements, strength and dexterity.
  • Handwriting mechanics - putting the pencil to paper, the actual writing part of handwriting!

Handwriting is a complex skill! If your child has difficulties with handwriting, perhaps it may be related to one (or more) of these underlying components? Call us to schedule an assessment and find out which areas are impacting on their handwriting, and what we can do to help.